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Which types of casino card games are chosen more often?

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Which types of casino card games are chosen more often?

When it comes to professional gambling players choose those types of casino card games that have the best odds. Besides, the player’s skills and the casino bonuses and offers are considered.

The gambling club status (land or online) also becomes a reason for choosing different special types of card games in casino.

Most popular types of casino card games

Although specialists count up to several thousand of table games, where a deck of cards is involved, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat remain 3 most popular types of casino card games. Each of these games has its classic variant (for instance Hold’em for Poker) and variations.

Meanwhile, their rules and goals are similar. But what are types of casino card games and their rules in brief?


The history of Poker started more than 500 years ago. Originating in Europe, the game got fame in the United States. However, now there are professionals who managed to make a source of regular income out of card fun. The game is played against other gamblers. Its essence is to win a hand of successful cards or by ousting competitors from the playing field.

The strategy, emotional and personal qualities of the player are no less important here than luck. Five cards (sometimes, less) form the combination that can win. Today, Various Poker types of card games at a casino are even played at World Championship and Tournaments.


Appearing in Spain in the 17th century, the game soon spread to Europe and the United States. Simple rules have contributed to the popularization of this fun. The game is played against other gamblers, with the dealer. The goal of the participant is to collect a combination that is more advantageous than that of the dealer, but not exceeding 21 points.

The one, who gets 21+ points, loses automatically. Blackjack is presented in a wide assortment at online casinos. The percentage of establishments is minimal, so entertainment is so popular with customers of virtual clubs. In the online version, Blackjack works on the basis of a random number generator, so it makes no sense to count cards or try to remember the ones who have dropped out.


This is another popular fun for gamblers that like cards. Simple rules and transparent principles of calculation can be understood even by those, who never played any types of casino card games.

The player needs to collect 9 points or close to nine values, having 2-3 cards at his disposal. Gamblers there play against the dealer (the casino).

The best cards’ slots

If a person dislikes the idea of playing against a real rival, he can always pick a card-game simulator. The coolest slots with card games that can be recommended for all include:

  • Different card Poker types of casino card games (Hold’em, Stud, Omaha);
  • NetEnt Baccarat and BlackJack;
  • Playtech and Microgaming card games slots.

Some people like live casino games variants as they are the mixture of online and offline casinos’ advantages.

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